Duration:  8 -10 hours

Tour programme :

Tbilisi – Telavi–Tsinandali – Kvareli – Gremi –  Tbilisi

Trip to one of the biggest regions of Georgia – Kakheti, which is a winemaking Cradle. Kakheti is the most important region for winemaking, characterized by its unique vine grape varieties, unusually well suited climate, topography, and centuries of exceptional winemaking experience.

Telavi  is the main city and administrative center of Georgia’s eastern province of Kakheti The first archaeological findings from Telavi date back to the Bronze Age. One of the earliest surviving accounts of Telavi is from the 2nd century AD, by Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, who mentions the name Teleda (a reference to Telavi). Telavi began to transform into a fairly important and large political and administrative center in the 8th century AD.

Batonis Tsikhe citadel is located in Telavi town. It served as the residence of Kakhetian Kings of the 17-18th centuries.The castle encloses two churches, the ruins of the 11th century royal baths, the pantheon and the Persian style Palace of King Erekle II. At present there is established house-museum of King Erekle II, the Ethnographic Museum and the Picture Gallery.  The museum houses King Erekle’s belongings and along with them: numismatic collection, early medieval sarcophagus, late medieval armor, and collections of XVII-XIX c.c. cooper household objects, weapons, Khevsuretian (East Georgian mountainous region) clothes. It is said that King Erekle II was born and died in the south-east part of the castle.

Visit of Tsinandali. At this point begins the second, European life of the Georgian wine. Prominent figure of the XIX century, Prince Chavchavadze was first to produce bottled wine in his estate by European technology and export it abroad.The history of the Chavchavadze family and their ancestral estate is closely tied with the history of Georgia. Today there is a museum busy with tourists from all over the world. The interior of the 19h century has almost been fully restored. It was also possible to collect touching material evidences from the relatives of the bygone period: suzane, embroidered by the daughters of Chavchavadze, the picture of Imam Shamil painted by Anna Ilinichna held in captivity. The museum has the working desk of the poet, the first grand piano, personal things and books. There are regular art exhibitions held in the museum, and basement of the building hosts Kakhetian wine tasting ceremonies.

Kvareli Lake Resort is rather comfortable for the adults as well as for the children. Here you can find all conditions to enjoy peace, nature, silence and fresh air. The Lake became a leisure and recreational center. From one side it is surrounded by hillocks covered with deciduous forests, from the other side there is a recreational park with attractions and playgrounds and very beautiful amphitheater; lakeside is accompanied by an alley with several cafes and restaurants.

A trip to winery of “Khareba” who owns the biggest cellar in Georgia made in the Caucasian spine which extents from 8 km. Gvirabi (which means tunnel in English) is carved in the rock of the Caucasus Mountain Range. Nowadays, it is the “Winery Khareba” cellar, used to age wine. In 2011, special tour facilities were created around the wine tunnel: a big recreational park, which includes the river and old Qvevries, as well as a Georgian water mill, traditional Georgian bakery “Tone”, a Chacha (grappa) distilling facility, a traditional Georgian marani (wine cellar) with the Satsnakheli (Georgian traditional wooden grape press) and other cultural sites.The tourism complex also includes wine tasting for more than 30 varieties of the best wines produced by “Winery Khareba”.

Gremi -visit of the lock Rattle which represents an architectural complex constructed in in 1565, and consists of church of Archangels Mikhail and Gabriel, a belltower, the three-storyed palace and a wine cellar (marani). The complex is surrounded with a wall, with towers and embrasures where the remains of the secret underpass conducting to the river still remaines. Le complexe est ce qui a survécu d’une fois la ville prospérant de Gremi et est localisé à l’est du village actuel du même nom. Gremi avait l’habitude d’être pas seulement politique, mais aussi le centre économique et culturel de Kakheti.

Return to Tbilisi.



                                      The total price of excursions $ ( US Dollar)


Number of  persons      1-3 per       4-6 per     7-16 per    17 -30 per
Mode of transport      Sedan      Minivan      Minibus        Bus
Price of excursions       100$         160$        220$        350 $


Group rates  $  (US Dollars)

Sedan:             1 per – 100$;  2 per – 45$;  3 per –  33$.

Minivan:         4 per –40$ ;  5 per – 32$;  6 per – 27$.

Minibus :        6 per – 37$;  7 per – 32$;   8 per – 28$;  9 per– 25$;  10 per- 22$ …….

Bus:                 16 per – 22$;  17 per – 20$;   18 per– 19$;  19 per – 19$;  20 per- 17 $ ….


Price Includes:  Transport throughout all round, Medical insurance, Service of qualified guide.

*Timetables : on request

Kvareli lak
Tsinandali Palace

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