Birtvisi fortress

Birtvisi fortress  (Region of Kvemo kartli)

Birtvisi fortress is located in the middle of the Birtvisi canyons, on a high rock in the gorge of the Algeti river. It is not known exactly when this fortress was built. Historical chronicles mention the Birtvisi Fortress since the 11th century. Among the ruins of the fortress there are structures of both early feudal and late feudal eras. The fortress is a witness to the great history of Georgia and is a whole complex of defensive structures, during the construction of which natural features were used. Hard-to-reach rocky mountains with narrow passages between them have formed rugged canyons. The highest point in the canyons is 1200 meters.

The Birtvisi fortress is located at an altitude of about 1000 meters. At one time, the Birtvisi fortress was considered impregnable because it was located in a naturally impregnable place, surrounded by a high wall and towers. The builders of the fortress did a great job to artificially strengthen all exits and suspicious places. All necessary places are covered with a wall and organized for protection. At the entrance to the slope there is a cylindrical observation tower, the so-called “Stubborn”. The walls near the tower are equipped with a gunsmith. In addition to defensive structures, among the ruins of the fortress, houses, agricultural buildings and water reservoirs are visible. Very little has survived to this day from the ancient fortress – only a fragment of a wall, a gate, and the ruins of some buildings.


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