Bones of giants found in Borjomi gorge


Archaeologists have made a sensational find. In the mountains of the Borjomi Gorge, they found the remains of mysterious creatures, about which the locals had been making legends for centuries. As it turned out, tales of huge giants are, in fact, reality. What a secret this highland kept.

The bones belong to giant people. They lived 25 thousand years ago in the mountains of the Borjomi Gorge. Scientists claim that the height of a giant man could be from 2.5 to 3 meters. The legend of the giants in the highlands of the Borjomi Gorge was passed down from generation to generation. Local shepherds and hunters claim that their ancestors told about super-strong giants who lived long ago in these mountains.

A group of 15 people, including archaeologists, paleontologists and historians, left the hunting lodge and went on an expedition high into the mountains. How long they had to go to the “Valley of the Giants”, no one could say for sure. Ahead of them were steep slopes, icy mountain rivers and encounters with forest predators.

The enthusiasm of the expedition members was rewarded. The settlement of giants – this is it. Now from the settlement of strange creatures there are stone paths and dilapidated crypts. The area is littered with bones. They were raised to the surface by mountain streams, which overflow in the spring when the snows melt.

This uninhabited mountain range of the Borjomi Gorge can turn into a real Eldorado for scientists. It is now known for sure that the Valley of the Giants is not a myth. The next, already more numerous and equipped expedition will head here next summer. In the meantime, Georgian scientists, together with their foreign colleagues, will have to study in detail the unique material that they managed to find.


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