bochorma fortress

Bochorma Fortress (Kakheti Region)

Bochorma fortress is considered one of the most monumental structures in the entire Kakhetian region. The exact time of the founding of Bochorma is not known. Once upon a time, a fairly large city was located here. The place where the majestic fortified city once stood is now covered with a dense forest. The territory is surrounded by a powerful wall, which is complemented by several towers. The fortress stands at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, and the surrounding area is visible at a glance for tens of kilometers. Privacy, security and visibility made Bochorma a thriving political center of the Kakhetian kingdom of the 10th century.

In the following centuries, it underwent significant alterations and has reached our days in a very changed form. Only fragments of the fortress of the first period have survived. In the middle of the 18th century, during especially difficult times for eastern Georgia, Tsar Iracli II fortified this fortress. The best-preserved ruins date from this last period. The fortress basically consists of two parts. The citadel of the fortress occupies the top of the mountain. In the middle there is a small six-sided domed church, the multifaceted facades of which are distinguished by their proportionality. The walls are clad inside and outside with well-cut stone. Later the walls of the interior were covered with fresco paintings. The church dates back to the 10th century.

The ruins of the palace in the lower courtyard must also be from this period. The palace was probably two-storied, now only the first floor, which consisted of two parts, has survived. Obviously, a cylindrical tower, standing on a pointed high hill, south of the church, in the middle of the citadel, belongs to the early period. All neighboring gorges can be viewed from this tower. In the fortress, the royal hall is located above all, which is connected to the citadel by an isthmus resembling a street. On both sides of this isthmus, there are battlements with single and double loopholes. This palace building stands on a 15-meter retaining wall, so it leaves the impression of being unapproachable from the outside. An unusually beautiful view opens from the palace.


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