Settlement of Arukhlo (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Settlement of Arukhlo (V – IV millennium BC). Neolithic Settlement and Ritual Place in Georgia. This is one of the earliest agricultural settlements and possibly the oldest inhabited place in all of Georgia. The study of the settlement of Arukhlo began in the 70s of the last century. Excavations have resumed since 2005. A joint international expedition discovered residential and household buildings dating back to the 6th millennium BC, working tools made of stone, bone and horn, which confirms that cattle breeding, agriculture and craftsmanship were already developed here in this period. Especially noteworthy are the strange-shaped canals in the ancient settlement, the purpose of which, due to their location, is unknown to specialists at this stage.

The stone industry is represented by numerous products. Among them are artifacts made of flint and obsidian: scrapers, chisels, piercers, numerous knife-shaped plates, there are also stone axes, chisels, anvils, hammers with a grooved interception, oval and round grain grinders. There were also found metal agricultural objects, a patterned tool made of a forked deer horn, a small figurine, in the form of a woman’s head, made of gravel, clay figurine of a bull, bronze arrowheads, stone coffins, ruins of a bathhouse and residential buildings, various colored and ordinary ceramic dishes.


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