kldekari fortress

Kldekari Fortress (region of Kvemo Kartli)

Kldekari fortress or as it was formerly called the Stone Gate is the remains of a once majestic structure. It is located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. The rocky natural environment served as an excellent defense against enemy attacks. The Trialeti ridge rises in the same way as the wall. In two places there is a passage to the rock and a cut exit. That is why the fortress has such a name. Historians claim that the Kldekari fortress appeared in 876-880. The ancient castle has seen many battles, ups and downs. The structure has a lot of damage and it is almost impossible to restore its original appearance. But from what has survived to our time, we can see that it was a very large-scale structure.

The castle was on an important road. Its owners could control the only road here, all the lands of Kartli and Trialeti up to Gori were perfectly visible from the fortress. Kldekari.  Castle was built by a feudal lord from the Bagvashi clan. It was from this moment that the Kldekari’s Eristavs felt so powerful that they put forward resistance against the king. The struggle between the Eristavs and the king lasted for decades. At the beginning of the 12th century, the castle became a refuge for the rebels against the king. But this did not last long, and the king’s troops captured the castle. The rebels were punished, and their leader’s eyes were burned out. In subsequent times, the castle did not play a special political role, and therefore it is rarely mentioned in the history of Georgia. The castle and the fortress have a great location and just stunning views from there.


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