Avranlo megaliths

Avranlo Megaliths (Region of Kvemo Kartli )

Avranlo Megaliths is a megalithic fortification located in the Tsalka municipality in the Kvemo Kartli region and dates back to the III-II millennium BC. It closes a narrow exit in the middle of the mountains where the only road passes, which connects Trialeti with the Borjomi gorge. Avranlo is a megalithic complex consisting of three tiers of terraces overlooking the river canyon. The lowest tier, at the base of the hill, is a semicircular wall about 80 meters long, the height of which reaches 3 meters in places. Between this wall and the mountain there is a small medieval Christian church and several caves nearby, collectively referred to as the monastery of Abibos.

The second and third tiers are true “Cyclopean” structures, characterized by large stones, dry stonework and an unusual way of arrangement. The third, topmost tier covers the mount. It has a rectangular plan, 25 m long and 18 m wide. The walls are 3-4 m thick. The structure is significantly damaged, many of its parts are destroyed. Archaeological excavations in the adjacent fields to the north of the megalithic fortress led to the settlement of the Kuro-Araks culture and the necropolis of the 12th-11th centuries BC. The fortress is included in the list of monuments of history and culture of national importance in Georgia.


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