Anaklia fortress

Fortress  of Anaklia (Region of Samegrelo)

Fortress of Anaklia  has seen many wars, but despite the turbulent events, it has survived to this day. According to the plan, there was one tower at each corner of the square castle. The towers on the first and second floors had separate entrances from the courtyard. There was a hole in the walls for firing a gun. The opening for the cannons was preserved only in the outer wall of the southwestern rectangular tower. The castle is surrounded by a two-story fence, the lower tier is deaf and the upper tier, which also has a hole for firing small arms at the level of the path.

During the Russian-Turkish wars, this fortress played an important role. Having stood for more than three centuries, the fortress can still be proud of its strong defensive structures. Anaklia was also an important port settlement on the Black Sea and was one of the earliest settlements, dating back to the mid-Bronze Age and having a typical Colchis culture. The modern name of the settlement is derived from the ancient Colchis colony of Heraclus. Since the 19th century, Anaklia has been a small but heavily fortified seaport with customs and significant trade with Turkey.


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