Khuluti fortress

Khuluti Fortress (Region Kvemo Kartli)

Khuluti Fortress is a mighty citadel built on the banks of the Khrami River in the 17th century. In many documents it is referred to as impregnable. The fortress was built to block the passage through the gorge. It consists of five towers of different heights, built into the fortress wall. The tower from the northwest side is very similar to the palace. The partition for the towers is a wall, in the middle of which there are steps. The top two floors of each tower are combat floors, the rest are residential.

One of the towers overlooks the river, offering a stunning view from a high cliff. An underground tunnel also leads to it. There is also a one-story residential building, which, apparently, played the role of a distributor. Through it you can get into two different towers, a tunnel, toilets and many other places. About halfway between this building and the tower there is a huge reservoir, with a roof and embrasures above it. There is a small patio in the middle of the complex. The premises were heated with fireplaces. Remains of wooden floors have been preserved


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