Shkhepi fortress

Shkhepi fortress (Region of  Mingrelia)

Shkhepi Fortress – historical monument of the pre-feudal era, which played an important role in the history of the region. Shkhepi fortess  is of a nice way disposed on height east of the city of Senaki. Considered to be the very ancient building. The history of Fortress dates back to the founding of the Kingdom of Egrisi and it was one of the links in the overall chain of protection of the kingdom. It was an important fortress in the IV-XIX centuries, and for some time was also the residence of the Dadiani dynasty.

The fortress in multi-layered. The main layer of the castle belongs to the period of precocious feudalism. Among the restoration of late period the first layers distinguish themselves with difficulty. For  fortress such mountain is chosen, where from as on palms is visible the valée of Colchide. The observation here could concern a large territory, lock with direct order persists at the foot of the main road. For this instant, of the fortress stayed a central tower, a strongly demolished Eastern tower and and a Western base. We can find inside the wreck kvevri which makes us think that the fortress had its stocking of the wine.


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