Jumah Mosque Tbilisi

Jumah Mosque (The city of Tbilisi)

Apart from its endearing architecture, Jumah Mosque (Georg.ჯუმას მეჩეთი) is known as a place where Shia and Sunni worshippers pray together in a rare show of unity. Originally a curtain divided the mosque, with Sunnis worshiping on one side and Shias worshiping on the other. Today Sunnis and Shias have prayed together. This unique Sunni-Shia mosque of  Tbilisi remains a rare example of how two branches of one religion can share common space and coexist in peace.

Jumah Mosque of Tbilisi is built in 1911 of brick and stands on a steep incline. In 1998, major restoration works were carried out at the mosque. Its design incorporates aspects of both neo-Gothic and Islamic architecture and is noted for the arched windows which line its walls. At the gate is an eight-story minaret which captures the eye from afar and appears differently depending on the direction from which it is viewed. The charming mosaic exterior and interior of Jumah Mosque attracts many tourists, making it one of the most iconic sites in Old Tbilisi.


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