Stalin museum

The Joseph Stalin Museum  (Region of Kartli)

The Joseph Stalin Museum is located in Gori, Georgia devoted to the life of Joseph Stalin, the governor of the Soviet Union, who was born in Gori. The Museum kept until recent years its Soviet-era characteristics.
The museum has three sections, all situated in the town’s central square. It was officially devoted to Stalin in 1957. With the fall of the Soviet Union and independence movement of Georgia, the museum was closed in 1989, but has since been reopened, and is a famous tourist attraction.
The main corpus of the complex is a big palazzo in Stalinist Gothic style, started in 1951 allegedly as a local history museum, but obviously intended to become a memorial to Stalin, who died in 1953. The exhibits are shared into six halls in roughly chronological order, and comprise many items actually or ostensibly owned by Stalin, including some of his office furniture, his personal effects and presents made to him over the years. There is also much illustration by way of documentation, photographs, paintings and newspaper articles. The display concludes with one of twelve copies of the death mask of Stalin taken soon after his death.


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