Sataplia caves

Sataplia nature reserve ( Region of Imereti)

Located very close to Kutaisi, on Sataplia Mountain, with a total area of 354 hectares. It has mountains and hills and is almost fully covered by the Colchis Forest.  In this natural reserve apart from all these plant varities can also be found a lot of animals like jackals, badger, pine marten, caucasian squirrel, hare, red fox, grey wolf and also roe deer. There are also a wide variety of birds found in this region and some of them are woodcock, swallows, chiffchaffs, quail etc.

Inside the cave the temperature is maintained somewhere around 14 degree celcius however during winter periods the cave may not be accessible.Inside the cave there are a wide variety of nocturnal organisms like bats, freshwater molluscs and cray fishes. The total length of the cave is somewhere around 900 metres and the track length is 300 metres. Once you enter the curve you will be moving through a lovely trail with mineral sediments hanging from the above and also protruding from the below.

The cave is decorated with different coloured lights on the inside which makes it look like a fantasy world inside. After a long walk inside the cave having a glance at all those beautiful structures you may get out through the exit. There are also different kind of tours organized by the tourism board in the sataplia natural reserve like photo tours, speleotours, paleontological tour, Ecological & Educational tour.
Over 200 footprints from dinosaurs have been discovered here, located on the stones in two rows.


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