Khikhani fortress

Khikhani Fortress (Region of Adjara)

Khikhani fortress, built in the XII-XIII centuries, is located on the top of Mount Khikhani. One of the ancient pearls of mountainous Adjara. The fortress was built at an altitude of 2635 meters above sea level, with impassable rocks on three sides, and a wall connected by four towers was built along the ridge. All four towers are strictly rectangular. The height of the walls that have survived to this day is about 7-8 meters. The area of the fortress is one hectare. In the walls, along the perimeter, recesses were made through which it was possible to track the enemy and use, if necessary, as loopholes.

The successful strategic location of the fortress has always been used for military purposes. The fortress is impregnable and for many years served the inhabitants of the mountainous Adjara as a refuge, observation point and spiritual center. During the archaeological excavations of the fortress, five large traditional Georgian clay wine vessels “kvevri” were discovered. It is easy to guess that the defenders of the fortress kept wine in them. Later excavations made it possible to discover 43 more reservoirs, in which, probably, not wine, but water were stored .. The fortress also contains the ruins of the temple of St. George – the patron saint of Georgia.


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