Fewer restrictions


Georgia is gradually removed restrictions, becoming more and more like a tourism-oriented country.

If, as of March 1, restaurants did not work in the country (only for take-out), now all this is in effect. Almost the last limitation, which has not yet been removed, is the requirement to wear masks not only indoors and in transport, but also on the street.

It is highly likely that the curfew, which runs from 9 pm to 5 am, will be removed in April. The government is already planning to consider revising this limitation as well.

Another requirement for tourists in some countries is the need to retest for COVID, which must be done on the third day of stay in Georgia. For those who have completed both stages of vaccination in their home country, testing requirements are optional.

For those in need, testing should not be a problem – more than eight dozen laboratories operate across the country where such tests are done. The cost of the test is about $ 30-35. The recovery of tourism is forcing laboratories to be closer to the consumer .

To receive papers with the result, it is not necessary to go to the laboratory the next day. When leaving Georgia, it is enough to show a letter (SMS) from the laboratory with the test – the main thing is that it is negative.



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