Abastumani Observatory

Abastumani observatory (Region of Samtskhe-Javakheti)

Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory can be considered the most interesting attraction of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. For all lovers of space, science, astronomy, stars and nebulae, Georgia has a must-visit object. It is located near the resort of Abastumani. A very beautiful mountain road leads from the resort to the observatory, which in itself deserves attention. You can also take the cable car from Abastumani. The observatory was founded in 1935 and was the first high-mountain observatory in the USSR. 2 comets, some minor planets, 6 supernovae, 17 planetary nebulae, 3 star clusters, and many emission stars were discovered in this observatory.

Today, the observatory is operational, research is being carried out here and even discoveries of new comets, nebulae and stars are being made. The observatory has 15 telescopes. Excursions are organized for tourists that allow you to visit the observatory itself and the astrophysical museum located on its territory. They are daytime (from 11 to 20.00), evening (from 20.00 to 00.00) and – if there are no clouds in the sky – night (from 00.00 to 03.00). As part of the tour, you can visit a beautiful park. And at night look at the moon through a telescope. The night tour is the most interesting. Abastumani is located on the Meskheti Range, at an altitude of about 1300 m above sea level. In these places, the air is so clean that the image is improved. Therefore, the emergence of the observatory in Abastumani is not accidental.