Georgia Voyage

Tour operator «Georgia Voyage»  is a  licensed  company.  It is a progressively developing company that has all the possibilities for the qualitative and quick selection of tours of any category of complexity. From the very first steps of the company, it became clear that a professional team entered the market that you can trust.

Our company has a number of its own tourism products, which is unique in the Georgian market. Several years of work allowed to develop  tourism services, which are ideal for our country.

Tour operator  «Georgia Voyage»  has its own bus fleet , consisting of new buses with a capacity of 7, 16, 32 and 56 people.This makes it possible to organize more flexible tours on quality and comfortable transport.

Everyone at   « Georgia Voyage »   is passionate about travelling. All of our staff have a university degree in tourism and are constantly continuing their professional development both in Georgia and abroad. Our employees are our family and we want them to develop themselves and remain with us for a long time.

We’re committed to making sure everyone, no matter what cultural background or  beliefs  can access our  services. Our  customers  are  present in more than 40 countries. We take pride in being the veritable United Nations

Our customers are the best valued guests and we keep the ancient traditions of hospitality making them feel safe, comfortable and happy. Let people know about Georgia. Making our customers feel like home and offering them the best  and unforgettable tour product with maximum comfort.

Our mission make  Georgia  well-known and trusted destination in World Tourism Industry. Development of  sustainable tourism in Georgia through professional attitude and best quality of our tours.

It’s never late for education and creative growth. We are proud of our company, we live and work, following our values every day