Ancient Cheremi

Ancient Cheremi (Region of Kakheti)

Cheremi  (Georg. ჭერემის ნაქალაქარი)– numerous ruins of churches and other buildings, located on the territory of the ancient city of Cheremi. According to archaeological research, the city consisted of several separate areas from each other .. Layers from the Late Bronze to the High Middle Ages were discovered. Among them are several stone burial boxes, mostly collective, dating back to the period between the 3rd and 7th centuries AD, some of which contain ceramics, jewelry and Roman coins. A hall church of the 4th – 5th centuries was also discovered on this territory. Saint Marina. The remains of the Cheremi settlement include a citadel with an area of 10 hectares with the ruins of a castle, a palace, churches, a ring wall and other buildings.

The castle was located on a rocky promontory. at the western edge of the hill. Occupying an area of 300 sq. M, it consisted of six rooms, two corridors and a tower. There was a palace to the east of this building. Both of these buildings were constructed of large stone blocks and covered with red tiles. Further east, the wall led to the riverbed. The southern segment was a double wall with a city gate through which a paved road passed. There are two churches on the territory of the destroyed fortress Cheremi. One, Saint Barbara, is a restored church hall, stylistically dated to the end of the 5th century. It was part of a palace complex. Another is named after Saint George and is also known as Tsverodabali after the small hill on which it is located.


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