Ancient Grakliani  (Kartli Region)

Mount Grakliani (Georg. გრაკლიანი გორა) – multi-layered archaeological complex. Archaeologists have proven that continuous development on its territory took place over 300 thousand years – from the Stone Age to the Roman period. Archaeological excavations on Grakliani have been conducted since 2007, and during this time many unique finds have been made, which confirm that there was not a spontaneous settlement here, but an organized society that followed traditions and created aesthetic objects.

A unique structure of the 5th century BC, which was erected on Mount Grakliani in honor of the gods of fire and fertility, the first fully preserved monument of this period. In the central part of the building there is a large altar, in the utility room there is a stove, in which there are vases used by the priests to carry fire. There is also a device with which the seeds of medicinal plants were ground. On the base of the altars of a pagan temple, an archaeological expedition discovered an unknown Georgian script.

Written samples are so important that they go beyond Georgian science and should be the subject of international research. This is a very important discovery that makes Georgia one of the elite civilizations. The discovery will change the idea of a certain stage in the world history of writing. An American laboratory, after analyzing samples from Grakliani, confirmed that the inscriptions were made at the end of the 11th century or in the 10th century BC and are supposedly 2,700 years old. It turns out that the ancient inhabitants of Grakliani began to write 200 years earlier than the Phoenicians.


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