Imiri antique

Ancient Imiri  (Region  Kartli)

Mount Imiri (Georg. იმირის გორა)– not far from the village of Imiri (municipality of Marneuli), the oldest (VI millennium BC) settlement of the Neolithic era, the oldest grape seeds dating from the VI millennium BC were discovered. According to morphological and ampelographic characteristics, they belong to the cultivated variety of the vine vitis vinisfera sativa. The National Museum reports that as a result of a comprehensive study, it was established that for the first time a man domesticated a wild vine on the territory of Georgia, and then he insisted wine from a cultivated vine.

Since 2014, an expedition has been carried out within the framework of the project “Study of the Georgian vine and wine culture”. As a result of the work carried out, residential buildings, various tools, dishes, household pits, etc. were identified. The results of processing and paleo-botanical studies of the found materials will create a clearer picture of the culture of wine-growing in Georgia. Along with Georgian scientists, researchers from the universities of Pennsylvania, Montpellier, Milan, Copenhagen, Toronto, the Israel Weisman Institute, and the Montpellier Institute of Agricultural Research are participating in the project.


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