Ancient Samshvilde (region of Kvemo Kartli )
Samshvilde (Georg. სამშვილდის ნაქალაქარი) – the ancient city of Georgia. The date of foundation is considered to be the VI-IV centuries BC, and its destruction took place in the 18th century. Samshvilde was a prosperous and wealthy walled city known far beyond the borders of Georgia. This was until the country was captured by Mongol, Persian and Turkish troops. Divided into parts Georgia greatly weakened, and the large fortified cities, which still tried to resist the invaders, were destroyed. The city-fortress was rebuilt many times, but the main buildings here still belong to the period of antiquity.
The remnants of the walls do not have the same thickness. So, for example, the wall on the east side is only a meter thick, while the west wall is already 6 meters thick. And the height of this wall here is 12 meters. Such a high fortification was necessary here precisely for the reason that from this side the fortress almost constantly received strong and targeted attacks from the enemy. In those days, no wall punching machine could punch this thickness. Inspection of Samshvilde today takes no more than 2 hours. And during all this time, the entire city, once famous and rich, can be walked along and across. But once this city was an impregnable fortress, and enemies for a long time could not break it.


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