Mayakovski museum

Museum of Mayakovsky (Region of  Imereti)

Museum of Mayakovsky (Georg. მაიაკოვსკის სახლ-მუზეუმი). The territory of Baghdati is mainly mountainous, a small part is occupied by a plain-lowland.  Baghdati municipality is distinguished by its beauty and abundance of cultural monuments. Medieval castles and temples located in the area are an important part of Georgian culture. Baghdati is also famous for its beautiful nature and an abundance of interesting monuments, which, together with the resorts, is due to its tourism potential. The area is visited by many nature and travel lovers.

Vladimir Mayakovsky was born in Baghdati. The father of the future poet served as a forester of the third category in the Baghdati forestry, Kutaisi province. The house where the family lived until the death of Vladimir  Mayakovsky was turned into a museum, and the city itself was renamed Mayakovsky. The museum was founded by personal order of Stalin in 1940, at the same time Baghdati was renamed Mayakovsky and was called that way for the next 50 years. The sisters and mother of Mayakovsky donated items and personal belongings that have survived from the time when they lived here, and the furniture they sold when they left was found and bought from the townspeople. The literary section contains copies of letters, drawings, books and posters by Mayakovsky.


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