Balda Canyon

Canyon of Balda (Region of Samegrelo)

Canyon of Balda (Georg. ბალდას კანიონი), in terms of beauty and splendor, may well compete with the neighboring Martvili Canyon, especially since they are washed by the same river – Abasha. The natural monument is a canyon cut through the limestone rock, in the southern part of the Askhi massif. The length of the canyon is 1400 m, the width is 5-10 m, the depth of the cut is 25-30 m. The most beautiful place, covered with tropical thickets and with many waterfalls. The best way to see the canyon is by rafting down the river.

The most picturesque views open inside the canyon. The water has a truly enchanting hue, especially beautiful in hot weather, when bright rays of light illuminate the water surface with a dazzling radiance of the sun, making the seething water of this charming canyon sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Despite its unsurpassed originality, the Balda Canyon is not yet very popular among travelers, which is due solely to the low popularity of this canyon among tourists.


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