Basilica of Tsirkine

Basilica of Tsirkine (Region of Speri)

Basilica of Tsirkine (Georg. ცირქინეს ბაზილიკა)  – In the historical region of Georgia – Speri (Georg. სპერი), on the territory of modern Turkey, on the left bank of the Chorokhi (Georg. ჭოროხი)  River, on the outskirts of the historical village – Tsirkine, the ruins of a three-aisled basilica of the transitional period have been preserved. The walls are made of roughly hewn gray stones. Shirimi stone is used in structural elements of buildings.

The central nave of the basilica is much wider than the side parts. The columns and arches separating them have been destroyed. The sanctuary is semicircular. The door is located in the western wall. Windows have been preserved on the southern and eastern walls. In the windows of the eastern wall, as well as in the structural elements, Shirimi stone was used for construction. At one time the basilica was painted. Fragments of walls with traces of ancient painting have been preserved in the interior space.


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