Batumi botanical

Batumi Botanical Garden  (Region of Adjara)

Batumi Botanical Garden are situated 9 km north to Batumi. It is unique throughout the former Soviet Union. The place of location is called Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape). The Gardens are inseparably connected with Andrey Krasnov, the acknowledged classic in Botanical and physical geography.  Batumi Botanical Gardens have no analogy in the world in a sense that the plants of completely different climatic and landscape zones co-exist here side by side. It may seem strange but the date-palm as well as Japanese Sakura grow equally well here. The Gardens represent thousands of plant species of astonishing beauty. Visitors are always fascinated by 1200 species of Rose.

The wealth of the Gardens is represented by 9 departments. These are departments of East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, the Mediterranean Sea and Caucasian humid subtropics. The lower, upper and seaside parks are situated on the main road of the gardens. The garden collection comprises 2037 taxonomic units of ligneous plants. Among them 104 are of Caucasian origin, and the rest are the representatives of foreign flora.

The above mentioned departments with rare and unique plants are situated successively in the Botanical Gardens. The splendid diversity of flora is represented by centenary oaks, North American Veimut Pine, Pama Washingtonia, relict beech as well as Japanese compositions of dwarf plants in miniature gardens.The Botanical Gardens are also important in the sense that a plot has been created here for the selection of endemic fruit and berry species which are rare or on the verge of extinction.

The sea view from the Botanical Gardens is really impressive. Equally impressive is the view of the gardens from the sea. There is no season without blooming in this Botanical masterpiece. It is especially fascinating in late spring, summer and early autumn, when exotic plants burst into colourful blossoms in turn and wrap the whole cape in passionate aroma.