Bechistsikhe fortress

Fortress of Bechistsikhe (Region of Kola)

Fortress of Bechistsikhe (Kalajukhi)(Georg. ბეჭის ციხე (კალაჯუხის ციხე)) is located in the historical region of Georgia – Kola (Georg. კოლა). The castle stands on the left bank of the River of Mtkvari (Georg. მტკვარი), on a rocky hill inaccessible from three sides. The walls are made of large stones, which are firmly fastened with lime mortar. In general, it is a massive structure and gives the impression of a well-fortified fortress. At the central entrance, high walls were built, fortified with one square and three round towers.

The structural layer of the walls of the fortress is a mixture of stones of different sizes. In the lower layers of the masonry there are processed large stones, the size of which relatively decreases in the upper part of the walls. In the corner of the fortress wall there is a two-story round tower with a separate entrance from the courtyard. No defensive structure similar to a castle was found in the region, and it is very likely that Bechistsikhe fortress was one of the most important fortifications in the area and served as a border fortress of the historical region of Georgia.


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