Berdikа fortress

Berdika Fortress (Poladauri) (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Berdika Fortress (Poladauri) (Georg. ბერდიკას ციხე (ფოლადაური)) – historical fortress in the region of Kvemo Kartli, near the BolnisisTskali river, on a high rocky mountain. The name of the fortress comes from the historical village of Berdika. The fortress was built in the middle of the feudal era and exercised control over the road passing through Poladauri, which crossed the Mgliskari pass to Lore.

There is no reliable information about who built this fortress. The fortress was built in two parts, each of which stood on its own rock. The fortress has retained its appearance better than most and consists of a number of ramparts and two large four-sided towers. From the north of the fortress there is a gorge, this is the only place where you can find a way to this structure. Near the fortress, in the eastern part, there are rocks to which there are a small number of paths. From the top, one can see the most beautiful places.


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