Birtvisi canyon

Birtvisi Canyon (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Birtvisi Canyon (Georg. ბირთვისის კანიონი) –  beautiful and unusual creation of nature. Unusual rock pillars, a narrow canyon gorge, waterfalls, an amazing forest and an impregnable fortress look very fabulous and mysterious. The fortress is a whole complex of defensive structures, during the construction of which natural features were used. Of great attraction are rock pillars – volcanic formations mixed with dense deciduous forests. A cascade of beautiful waterfalls and rocky tunnels create both a beautiful and mystical environment.

Birtvisi Canyon is an excellent but not exactly easy place for trekking. The upper and lower parts of the canyon are easily accessible. It is impossible to go through it completely without special equipment and the help of professional guides. In rainy weather it is very slippery here. You can go through the wet canyon only with special equipment. They come here in reliable shoes and clothes, with a supply of water, food and strength. It is an ideal place for lovers of extreme sports and mountaineering, with a mysterious and surreal landscape.


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