Burmakhevi village

Burmakhevi  (Region of Mtskheta – Mtianeti)

Burmakhevi (Georg. ბურმახევი) – historical monument, an abandoned village on the left bank of the Tergi River, in the Kazbegi municipality (Kobi community), in the Truso valley, at the foot of the southern slope of the Khokhi ridge, 2350 meters above sea level.  The second Georgian name of the village is Straw Castle. From the 17th century, it belonged to the Aragvi Eristavs, later it passed into the hands of the king of Kartli. In the northern part of the village there is a former fighting four-tiered tower 12 meters high, which has 6 loopholes on the upper tiers.

The combat tower was erected with interfloor ceilings and manholes, through which, having one wooden staircase, it was possible to pass to the uppermost tier. A multi-storey tower with the following functions: the first floor served as a quarter for livestock, the second and third for the family, the fourth for defense; later, in peacetime, the latter was usually used to receive guests. The material for the construction was an ordinary local stone, all the towers were built on dry masonry. The time of its construction is unknown.


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