Chala(Jala) church

Chala Church (Region of  Erusheti)

Chala Church (Georg. ჭალის ეკლესია, Tur. Çala Kilisesi) – Georgian medieval temple in the historical region of Erusheti. Located in the village of Chala (Georg. ჭალა), modern Dogruyol (Tur.Doğruyol), to the east of Lake Childir (CHrdili) (Georg.  ჩრდილი), Kars Province, Turkey.

The surviving Georgian inscription says that the church was consecrated in the name of the Mother of God. The hall church stands out both in terms of the quality of construction and the interior design. Facades and internal walls are built from well-cut stones. Construction methods and stylistic features point to the 10th century as the period of church building. A minaret was built next to the Georgian church.



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