Monument - "Georgian history"

Memorial – «Chronicle of Georgia»

Memorial – «Chronicle of Georgia»(History of Georgia) (Georg. საქართველოს ქრონიკა) strike  imagination. On one of the city’s hills, from which a beautiful view of the Tbilisi Sea opens, a unique composition of twelve sculptures of Georgian kings, a church and stairs with arches, balustrades and viewing platforms has been created. These are huge columns of copper and bronze 35 meters high. When viewed from above, the columns are arranged in the form of a cross. Each column is divided into three parts: in the lower part there are scenes from the Bible, in the middle – people significant for Georgia (saints, kings, poets, military leaders), in the upper – everyday scenes.

The memorial consists of many sculptures and architectural objects. All objects contain many high reliefs and bas-reliefs that tell the Orthodox history of Georgia. A long wide staircase leads to the ensemble, at the end of which a memorial rises. The memorial is huge – but the space around is even larger and the sensations are very harmonious. Two columns on the sides of the stairs symbolize the antiquity of Georgia as a state and its active participation in the life of the ancient world. To the right of the stairs there are statues of 13 Syrian sages who played an important role in the spread of Christianity in Georgia. In addition to the uniqueness of the monument, this place has a wonderful view that fills the viewer with no less emotions.


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