Dadiani palace

Dadiani Palace  (Region of  Mingrelia)

Dadiani Palace (Georg. დადიანების სასახლე).  Today more than 41 000 rare exhibits are on display at the museum. Among its collection of relics of European monarchs and imperial families there is a death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte brought to the palace by the husband of David Dadiani’s daughter, prince Ashille Muratt, grandson of Napoleon’s sister, Carolina.

The museum also houses the relics of Christian saints, including the Shroud of St. Mary, which was brought to Georgia in 1453. It was first kept in the Bedia Church and then in the Khobi Church. Later, in 1533, it was brought to the palace of Levan Dadiani I. At present the mentioned Shroud is brought to the public eyes anualyy only on 15th of July during the religious ceremony. 

Dadiani Palace would not be so magnificent without its garden. To create it, the ruler of Samegrelo, Princess Dadiani (sister of the widow of Alexander Griboyedov, Nino Chavchavadze), had to invite the most eminent gardeners of the 19th century from Europe and bring the rarest European plant varieties. On the basis of this garden, a botanical garden was formed, with a total area of 26.4 hectares. Individual trees here are already about 200 years old, some of which are single specimens on the Eurasian continent.