Dashbashi canyon

Dashbashi Canyon (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Dashbashi Canyon (Georg. დაშბაშის კანიონი) is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level and is formed by the Khrami River. The Khrami River in this section is unique in terms of its rich forage base, which create excellent conditions for the breeding and growth of trout and it can be seen in abundance by the experienced eye. The canyon consists of 8 kilometers of steep slopes covered with dense vegetation, which are mesmerizing with their beauty. The beautiful nature of this place and its surroundings usually does not leave indifferent even sophisticated travelers and makes them stay here much longer.

Dashbashi canyon is truly a treasure of nature. By the way, back in Soviet times, the canyon was included in the Red Book of Georgia as a monument of inorganic nature. In the steep rocky walls of the canyon, underground waters seep in many places and fall from a height, forming a kind of crystal curtains. These are not waterfalls in the classical sense. They are Hanging Streams, as scientists call them. The entire flowing river below is formed almost entirely from this kind of springs. Thanks to these springs-vocluses, the water in the canyon is clean and cold throughout the year. The level of the river varies slightly with the seasons.


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