Didi kbabebi monastery

Troglodyte Monastery of Didi kvabebi ( David Gareja)

The monastery complex Didi kvabebi(«Big caves») (Georg. გარეჯის  დიდი ქვაბების სამონასტრო კომპლექსი) – one of the cave complexes of the monasteries of David Gareja. Quite spacious Complex is located on 5-6 floors. The original façade has been destroyed. At an impregnable height, two cave churches have been preserved. The domed-shaped churches probably belong to the transitional period. The first church was connected to the large church by a long corridor, of which only the northern wall has survived.

It is likely that in the late Middle Ages the monastery complex was no longer active, since no additional buildings are observed. The monastery complex “Didi kvabebi”, despite the fact that it is badly damaged, makes a great impression on the visitor with its scale. On the territory of the complex you can find a large number of fragments of ceramic vessels. Today, the caves are difficult to access and, without special equipment, you can only get into some utility and residential premises.


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