Dodos rka monastery

Troglodyte Monastery of Dodos Rka (David Gareja)

Dodos Rka Monastery («Horn of Dodo») (Georg. გარეჯის დოდოს რქის მონასტერი). The troglodyte monastery complex, cultural and educational center, was founded in the 6th century, by the Holy Father Dodo Garejeli, a disciple of Father David Garejeli. The monastery is one of the cave complexes of the monasteries of David Gareja and is carved on the mountain opposite the Lavra of St. David Garejeli.

The monastery complex of Dodos Rka includes the following objects carved into the rocks: The main church of the hall type, the small church of St. Dodo, a refectory and several cells for monks of the 6th-18th centuries. The main church and the refectory belong to the heyday of the Gareja – XI-XIII centuries. The small church of St. Dodo Garejeli deserves special attention, where one of the earliest (8th-9th centuries) and important examples of painting in Georgia is kept. The main figure of the picture is Christ, seated on a throne with a sanctifying right hand. In his left hand he holds an open book on which traces of a Georgian inscription have been preserved.


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