Drisi fortress

Fortress of Drisi  (Region of Shida Kartli)

Fortress of Drisi (Georg. დრისის ციხე)  is located  in the Kaspi municipality, on the left bank of the Tedzami River, on top of a cliff. The fortress of the late Middle Ages from the 11th to the 15th centuries. Sometimes it is called Javakhis-Tsikhe or Tamaris-Tsikhe and Tamarisi – the fortress of Queen Tamara. The complex consists of a castle, a church, a tower and a palace. Once a mighty fortress closed the approaches to the Tezami Gorge from the north side

The fortress of Drisi was surrounded by a protective wall of complex shape. The builders used the flat surface of the rocky promontory. All buildings, except for the church, are built of sandstone and cobblestone. There is a tower to the north, and a palace to the south, which is now completely destroyed. The church of St. George, standing on the upper tier of the castle, is built of well-ironed blocks of green tufa. On the floor near the altar, a deep round pantry is carved. The complex also includes agricultural buildings that have survived in a damaged state.


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