Elia monastery

Elia Monastery (Region of Kakheti)

Elia Monastery (Georg. ელიას მონასტერი)  is located on a two-peaked mountain top just south of Dedoplistsqaro. The monastery was built to commemorate St Ilia during the 6th Century. The main monastery complex clings to the mountainside and is built into the mountain itself. Elia Monastery is known for its commanding views over the surrounding Plateau of Iori .

According to a legend, a raven used to bring food to this cave for Prophet Elia. St.Elia left his cloak to his disciple – Elise and ascended to heaven from the peak of the mountain. Since the old times, during the drought, the locals as tillers of land used to ask the St. Prophet Elia give them rain. Every year on the 2 August which is the commemoration day of St. Prophet Elia a lot of people gather, spend a night and pray on Mount Elia.


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