Tourist seasons

Georgia is beautiful at any time of the year. On the compact territory of Georgia, there was a place for ski resorts, gentle sea, mountains to the skies and endless fields of grace. All seasons are very pronounced in the country: early spring, hot summer, golden autumn and snowy winter. It is thanks to this that one can have a great rest in Georgia all year round.

The west of Georgia has a subtropical climate. In the central and eastern part of Georgia, it is moderate. On the plains, temperatures rarely drop below 0 ° C even in winter. But in the mountainous regions it is cold and snowy in winter. In Georgia, the tourist season lasts all year round. You just need to correctly choose the region in the country, which is worth going to at the selected time of the year.

If you are planning a trip to Georgia in the spring, you can see millions of blossoming flowers and a riot of colors. The first greens appear from under the snow at the beginning of March. It is not for nothing that the most beautiful national holidays fall exactly in spring, including the Independence Day of Georgia (May 26) with an incredibly spectacular parade of flowers.

The weather in Georgia is warm in summer. The full beach season in Georgia begins in mid-May and ends in the last days of September. The sea splashes invitingly on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, and from May to October, beach holidays flourish. At the same time, tired of the heat, you can always climb the mountains and even touch the snow in some places.

The tourist season in the two mountainous regions of Tusheti and Khevsureti starts from the end of May and lasts until the end of September. Later, bad weather and snow make it impossible to get there by car. The passes are closing. Due to the isolation and extreme weather conditions, the most comfortable hiking weather is from June to September.

The end of summer and autumn is Rtveli, one of the brightest Georgian holidays, which lasts from September to mid-October. It seems that all of Georgia is harvesting grapes. And, of course, our guests take part in the fun action, and then sit with hospitable peasants at a rich table filled with Georgian cuisine.

In winter, there are heavy snowfalls in Georgia, which will undoubtedly delight experienced skiers. Since 2015, 5 ski resorts have been operating in Georgia at once: Gudauri, Bakuriani, Tetnuldi and Hatsvali in Svaneti, Goderdzi in Mountainous Adjara. A variety of trails in the resorts are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

According to Georgians, the best time to visit their country is September. But this applies to those who are planning to spend their holidays in Tbilisi and its environs. For a family, ski, beach, sightseeing holiday, the time period may be different. September is considered the best month for a vacation in Georgia for several reasons.

One of the main ones is the weather conditions. Warm days are here until October. At the end of the tourist season, prices for hotel accommodation are reduced by 10-20%. In September, all the fruits most demanded by tourists ripen in the gardens of the country. The weather is still warm (+ 24 … 26 ° C) and in the Black Sea it is still quite possible to swim and sunbathe.