Vorontsov Palace

Vorontsov Palace (Youth Palace) – (The city of Tbilisi)

National Palace of Georgian children and youth (Georg. მოსწავლე ახალგაზრდობის ეროვნული სასახლე). This luxurious Renaissance style building is the most beautiful architectural monument not only on Rustaveli avenue, but throughout the city. Built in 1868 under the government of Count Vorontsov, the palace embodied in its architecture and interior decoration the historical greatness and the importance of the Progressive Royal Governor in the life of Georgia. The magnificent elegance of the white building with a represented facade, with a sequence of curved windows, leaves an indelible impression on all those who see it for the first time.

The interior decoration simply immerses in an emotional shock with the beauty of the interiors and the luxurious richness of their design: golden decorations, original design of unusual chandeliers, exquisite furniture, elegant lamps – everything arouses admiration. The Persian room, designed in white tones, with stucco moldings inlaid with mirrors, creating a sensation of ephemeral lightness, is distinguished by its incredible beauty. The room is the undeniable pearl of the palace. After the establishment of Soviet power, the building was given in possession of children and young people. Now she is officially called the “House of Youth”.


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