Folk Festival

Folklore holidays and festivals

The spiritual and cultural life of Georgia is rich and varied. The country always hosts interesting festivals, cultural events, theater performances and concerts. We present to your attention the places where you can spend an unforgettable time and plunge into the cultural life of the country with a real Georgian flavor.

folklore festival – «Art Gene»  (June-July)

The annual folklore festival «Art Gene»  is held in different regions and traditionally finishes in Tbilisi. In the fabulous atmosphere of the festival, you can enjoy traditional Georgian singing, perky national dances, get acquainted with local martial arts, take part in various master classes and buy handicrafts as a souvenir. The nine-day extravaganza, each year held in a different theme, ends with a grand gala concert at the Ethnographic Museum of Tbilisi.

«Tbilisoba»  – Day of the City of Tbilisi (October)

«Tbilisoba» – vibrant celebration of the city’s day, held every year on the first weekend of October. For tourists «Tbilisoba»  is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of the country and, of course, enjoy a bright and unforgettable show. Every year the event is held on a larger scale, attracting travelers from different countries. Guests are given a unique opportunity to see folk dances, hear the famous Georgian choral singing and buy some priceless souvenir made by local craftsmen.

Folklore Days in Batumi (August)

The festival is traditionally held throughout August – from the last weekend in July to the last weekend in August. The unique Georgian folklore is of great interest to foreign guests. Free concerts were held daily from 20:00 on Batumi Boulevard near the Alphabet Tower. The organizer of the festival is the State Folklore Center of Georgia with the support of the National Tourism Administration. The event is held within the framework of the state project Check in Georgia.

Folklore festival «Svanetoba»  In Mestia (July)

The best way to get acquainted with the centuries-old traditions of the Svans is to visit the  «Svanetoba» folklore festival, which is held on the last weekend of July. The festival is held to acquaint guests with the centuries-old traditions of the highland region. Traditionally, visitors to the festival will enjoy a varied cultural, entertainment and gastronomic program. Gastronomic exhibitions are organized with dishes of the Svan national cuisine, which are not known to the general public.

Agro-festival in Ratcha  (August)

In the annual Agro-festival, which is held at the end of August, guests will find colorful cuisine, wine and sweets from the Ratcha-Lechkhumi region.Visitors will have the opportunity to taste and purchase local organic production: wine, honey, ham, nuts, dairy and meat products, dried fruits, apples, raspberry vinegar and more. The program of the Agro-festival includes entertainment, educational and cultural events, as well as concerts with the participation of local folklore groups.

Folk holiday «Shuamtoba»  (August)

The ancient Adjarian folk holiday «Shuamtoba»  is celebrated in the mountainous village of Beshumi (Adjara) on the first weekend of August. It was during this period that the population went from the valleys to the mountains, to alpine pastures, where the inhabitants of mountain villages graze cattle. Traditionally, on this day, horse races, competitions in various sports are held, guests of the festival are treated to traditional dishes, folk and pop ensembles perform.

Folk holiday «Tushetoba»  in Omalo (August)

The traditional holiday, «Tushetoba»  (Shepherd’s Day), takes place every year in July-August in one of the most picturesque regions of Georgia – Tusheti, in the high-mountainous village of Omalo. This is a spectacular open-air festival featuring works by local and invited handicraftsmen. Traditional folk competitions are held in archery, horse racing, tug-of-war, lifting heavy bags and stones.

Folk holiday «Shatiloba»  in Shatili (August-September)

In late August – early September, in one of the most beautiful high-mountainous regions of the country of Georgia – Khevsureti, the «Shatilob»  folk holiday is celebrated, which is accompanied by a large-scale festival. Various cultural and sports events are held: horse races, demonstrations of Georgian martial arts, fire show, concerts with the participation of folklore ensembles and much more. On this day in Shatili, Khevsurian beer is brewed and traditional local treats are prepared.

Gastronomic Festivals

Festival of Georgian cheese in Tbilisi (July)

The Georgian Cheese Festival is held in Tbilisi Park – Mtatsminda, in the second half of July. Visitors can taste cheese products and take part in master classes. Cheese in wine, in «chacha» , in beer, with honey, with nuts, with bitter and sweet peppers and market novelties, which guests of the festival will learn about directly on the spot. Apart from companies, representatives of the capital and regional cheese shops will be represented at the festival.

Ice Cream Festival in Tbilisi (July)

The traditional ice cream festival in the midst of the hot Tbilisi summer, in mid-July, is hosted by the Tbilisi park – Mtatsminda. Interest in the event is growing every year. Within the framework of the festival, participating companies organize numerous prize draws, which do not leave the guests of the event without gifts. Guests can try both traditional sorts of cool desserts and new, original flavor combinations. The smallest audience is expected by animators and a costume show.

Fruit Festival in Mtskheta (September)

The Georgian National Tourism Agency is holding a Fruit Festival in the ancient capital of the country, Mtskheta. Festival guests can enjoy the best Georgian fruits and sweets. And also get a huge charge of positive energy. The festival in Mtskheta is only the first stage of similar festivals all over the country. Similar promotions are held in different parts of the country every weekend until mid-September.

Bread Festival in Tbilisi (October)

The festival provides an opportunity for bakeries and other bakery manufacturers to present their products. The event is held in the open festive space of the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. At the bread festival, you can taste and purchase your favorite products. The idea of founding the festival was born from the fact that the collections of the Tbilisi Botanical Garden contain ancient and rare samples of Georgian grain culture, including almost disappearing varieties.

Tbilisi Chocolate Festival (November)

The chocolate festival is held in the Tbilisi National Botanical Garden in the first decade of November. Festival participants are both local producers and imported chocolate companies. Guests of the holiday will find slab and hot chocolate, a chocolate fountain, tea, coffee, mulled wine, hot buns and other delicacies. In addition, the festival will be decorated with a Christmas tree and Santa Claus. The free event is held in the open festive space of the Event Square Botanical Garden.

Wine festivals

Young Wine Festival in Tbilisi (May)

The New Wine Festival is held in Tbilisi Park – Mtatsminda. Every year more and more new family wineries and wine companies join the event. By this time, the wine from the autumn harvest, which wintered in earthen vessels -«Qvevri» , ripens. More than fifty varieties can be tasted and immediately bought, find out how and where it was made, what it is combined with. In addition to wine, of course, cheeses, hot bread, smoky kebabs are presented at the festival, and all this is seasoned with playful toasts, national dances and military performances.

Telavi Wine Festival (October)

The annual festival «Telavino»  on the first weekend of October is timed to the end of the grape harvest – «Rtveli».  By tradition, he opens the Days of Georgian Wine – «Gvinobistve» , which last for 2 more weeks. The pavilions located in the center of Telavi display up to 100 different types of wine, «chacha»  and brandy made in large and small cellars. After tasting wine at the wine fair, residents and guests of the city can enjoy ethnographic expositions and folk and musical performances, as well as visit an exhibition and sale of products with a general wine theme.

Festival  of «Chacha»  in Telavi (November)

The «Chacha » festival takes place on the first weekend of November in the heart of the Kakheti region – in the city  Telavi. The event is attended by Georgian «Chacha»  companies. Within the framework of the festival, small theatrical performances are held that revive the Kakheti region of the 18th century – its ethnography, rituals, as well as Kakhetian peasants and the process of distilling «Chacha»  according to the traditions of different parts of Kakheti. The festival program also includes performances of Kakhetian folklore groups, the performance of traditional Kakhetian polyphony, the declaration of poems impromptu and much more.