Skhvilo fortress

Fortress of Skhvilo  (Region of Shida Kartli)

Fortress of Skhvilo (Georg. სხვილოს ციხე)– one of the main fortresses of the late feudal era in the territory of Shida Kartli. Already in the 17th century, the fortress was of great national importance and played a big role in the war between Georgia and Iran. This is a powerful building with two five-story quadrangular towers. One of them – the main one – fixes the northern corner of the site. Entrances from the side of the courtyard, and one could get inside the tower by a wooden ladder. The walls of the fence are two meters thick, reach a height of 14 meters, have several tiers and end with battlements.

A wooden battle path on consoles stretched under the battlements; at its level there were loopholes and machicolations. The inner territory, divided by walls into several parts, is entirely occupied by numerous buildings of different times. Among the buildings stands out the church, which has two floors due to the tightness of the courtyard area. Not far from it is a tank for water, which comes there through the water supply. Externally, the castle looks very impressive. In some places, enemy holes and tunnels are still clearly visible.


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