Georgia Tightens Gambling Business Restrictions


Games of chance are one of the reasons why tourists visit Georgia. Local casinos are popular among its citizens as well. Georgian lawmakers, voted (22.12.2021)  to tighten laws on gambling.

The new bill increases the legal age for gambling to 25, with the exception of foreigners and stateless persons who are permitted to play if they are 18.

The bill mandates the Revenue Services of Georgia to manage lists of gambling-dependent persons and those barred from gambling. The list of gambling-dependent persons would include those addicted to it, who are either self-registered or blacklisted by a Court.

The list of those barred from gambling will further include civil servants and socially vulnerable persons. The government says this restriction would apply to approximately one million citizens. The gambling sector will also see 65-70% increased taxes, in total, starting from January 1, 2022.

 Also, gambling businesses will be prohibited from placing ads on television, on Georgian websites, and outdoors, starting from March 1, 2022. The companies involved in gambling will only be allowed to sign sponsorship contracts, mainly in sports.


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