Georgian fruit

Georgian fruits

Georgians have long been involved in the cultivation of fruits and, along with other branches of agriculture, have achieved significant success. Ancient Greek records of the 6th-4th centuries tell about the wide distribution of orchards in Georgia. In the writings of ancient Georgian historians, almost the entire territory of Georgia is presented as a fertile zone, starting from the Colchis lowland to high-altitude places located at an altitude of 1000-1200 meters above sea level.

Thanks to creative searches, Georgian farmers were able to achieve a variety and abundance of fruit varieties. This is evidenced by knowledge about soil selection, soil preparation, terraces, unique general rules of fruit care, traditional grafting methods, a variety of tools for collecting fruits, etc. Famous varieties of Georgian fruits: Apple – “Mefis vashli” and “Turashauli”, Pear – “Kalos mskhali”, Cherry – “Gogra bali”, peach – “Khidistavuri sahrawi”, Plum – “Alibukhari” and others.

Georgian fruits are distinguished by their unique taste and special mineralization, which is supported by the local soil and environment. This makes it especially tasty and healthy. Georgian fruits are natural, aromatic and high in sugar. Ancient fruit varieties have excellent endemic properties. This is an invaluable treasure of the country’s unique varietal fund, created and preserved by the ancestors of Georgians over the centuries of painstaking work.

Georgians are proud to grow fruits and vegetables without chemicals. In this country, it is customary to use only natural fertilizers or do without them at all. Due to the geographic diversity of Georgia, local fruits have different tastes and chemical composition. It is worth going to Georgia at least to gorge on fruit; in May, the counters begin to burst with juicy, ripe and aromatic fruits. You can buy fruits and vegetables in Georgia both in large markets and in small shops, which are at every turn in tourist areas.

As in any other country, Georgian supermarket shelves are literally bursting with fruit abundance. But the tourist needs to remember that the prices here are slightly higher than in the market, and the goods are mainly imported. As already mentioned, the first fruits in Georgia begin to ripen in May. Every month is rich in some useful goodies. Sorting out Georgian fruits by month is an opportunity to understand when it is better to go to this sunny paradise in order to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of nature’s gifts. The fruits of Georgia are a huge mixture of all sorts of delicacies that will delight even the most fastidious tourist.

It will probably be easier to say which berries and fruits do not grow in Georgia. Since the country has almost everything (except for bananas). Fruits and berries grow all over Georgia. Long harvesting periods and individual-oriented farming are possible thanks to the presence of 22 different climatic zones. The center of fruit growing is Kartli. The largest number of vineyards is concentrated in Kakheti. Melons and watermelons are also grown in the same region. Citrus fruits, feijoa and kiwi grow in Adjara, Guria and Samegrelo.

In western Georgia, gardens begin to bloom in early March. In May, early varieties of sweet cherries, strawberries and mulberries can already be found in Georgia. At the end of May, Loquat ripens in Kakheti. It is a small golden fruit that has been likened to a combination of apricot, apple and strawberry.

In June, many fruits ripen: strawberries, cherries, cherries, mulberries. The season of strawberries and cherries is very short-lived, so even the latest varieties will no longer actively bear fruit by mid-June. The first pears, apples and plums also appear.

In July, the real ripening peak of goodies begins. During this period, figs are especially tasty. The cheapest fruits are local nectarines, peaches and apricots. Already in early July, they will be sweet and juicy. Moreover, you can enjoy the real taste of plums, pears and apples.

August brings an abundance of melons and grapes. Early varieties ripen and a special variety appears when choosing melons and watermelons. Of course, there are many peaches and nectarines, plums and apples. Many types of pears can be found.

September is the hottest season for ripening and harvesting grapes. The first month of autumn is also the best time to taste the whole range of true Georgian fruits. In September, many boom crops ripen, apples, pears, as well as plums and late varieties of peaches and apricots.

Persimmons, pomegranates, kiwi, lemons, quince, feijoa ripen in October. During this period, the very first tangerines begin to ripen. They are still green and are picked unripe to be delivered intact to customers.

Local nuts are very tender even in the off-season. These are well-known hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts. For the production of these delicacies, Georgia is one of the first places in the world. Many nuts grow in Kakheti, hazelnuts are most common in Samegrelo.


For clarity, we give a table of seasonal fruits that grow in Georgia


      May     June     July    August September  October  November  December
 Alycha         X         X       X
 Strawberry         X         X
 Fragaria         X         X
 Cherry         X         X
 Wild Cherry         X         X
 Mulberry         X         X         X        X
 Pear         X         X        X         X
 Plum         X         X        X         X
 Apple         X         X        X         X         X
 Fig         X         X        X         X         X
 Nectarines         X         X        X
 Peach         X         X        X         X
 Apricot         X        X
 Watermelon         X        X         X
 Melon         X        X         X          X
 Grapes        X         X          X
 Quince          X         X
 Kiwi          X         X
 Feijoa          X         X
 Persimmon          X         X         X
 Grenade          X         X         X
 Medlar         X         X
 Orange         X         X
 Grapefruit         X         X
 Lemon         X         X
 Mandarin         X         X