Gremi komplex

Gremi Fortress (Region of Kakheti)

Gremi Fortress (Georg. გრემი)  is a 16th century architectural monument – the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels. The complex is what has survived from the once flourishing town of Gremi and is located east of the present-day village of the same name.Gremi used to be not only political but also economic and cultural center of Kakheti. Complex of All Angels was isolated by a fence. It had a stone-paved secret exit toward river Intsobi. In the eastern citadel of Gremi is located the church of All Angels having the form of a cross with a dome .

On the western wall of the interior of the cathedral, church wardens’ portraits are represented. In the Royal residence there were Royal Palaces, a building with a fountain, eight-angle tower, brick royal bath supplied with water through an aqueduct linked with river Lopoti. The town never regained its past prosperity and the kings of Kakheti transferred their capital to Telavi in the mid-17th century. In 80-ies of the XX century a local history museum was opened here. On December 12, 1999 religious life was revived in Gremi. Gremi is presented for inscription on UNESCO World Heritage List.