Gudauri resort

Gudauri resort (Region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti)

On the south slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range to a wonderful nook of the Caucasus located at an elevation of more than two kilometers, is a modern and actively developing ski resort of Gudauri. Thanks to magnificent snowy vastness of Cross Pass leading from the Terek River Valley to the Aragvi River Valley and wonderful sunny weather during the whole season of skiing, Gudauri is the most popular place among downhill skiers on the territory of Georgia.

The infrastructure of Gudauri is constantly developing, that is why today it is one of the most comfortable and technically equipped districts of the Caucasus suitable for downhill skiing. All marked tracks located on the slopes of the mountain Kudebi (3006 meters) and Sadzele (3307 meters) are situated above forest level and equipped with safe chairlifts of a famous Austrian company Dopplemayr. The vast region of skiing offering many variants of slopes is connected by five lines of chairlifts for 3 and 4 skiers – the lower station of the chairlift is at an elevation of 1990 meters and the upper station is at an elevation of 3270 meters. The length of the longest slope is 7 kilometers with height drop about 1000 meters. The ropeways work independently of the quantity of skiers and close only in case of bad weather conditions – very bad visibility and strong wind. In case of electricity disconnection all ropeways are equipped with emergency diesel engines. At night special snow packing machines – ratracs – prepare tracks around ropeways for safe skiing and the best sliding of skies and snowboards.

All tracks of ski resort Gudauri, the length of which is more than 20 kilometers, are approved and certified by the International Ski Federation (Fédération Internationale de Ski, FIS) and according to European criterions tracks have the following standards: slalom, giant slalom, supergiant slalom and speed skiing. Routes of all difficulty categories are at sportsmen’s service starting with “green” tracks which are suitable even for beginners in skiing and snowboard and finishing with “black” tracks of high difficulty level demanding sharp edges of skies and descent skills on icy slopes.
The main sight of Gudauri is excellent possibilities for freeride which is an extreme downhill on mountain skies or snowboard across virgin snowy fields. There are wide open slopes around main prepared tracks and they turn this region into a paradise corner for lovers of all kinds of freeride, backcountry and heliski. Ski seasons in Gudauri start unusually early – snow covering remains intact from December to April and rises to 2 meters height here. If we add together all these fabulous possibilities for active rest and skiing out of track, it becomes clear why many skiers and snowboarders prefer ski rest to Alpine resorts in Gudauri.
Unique nature relief of Gudauri, deep and stable snow covering, the lack of stones on tracks and out of tracks, avalanche safety and high-mountain allocation, comfortable hotels – all these factors attract thousands of tourists and sportsmen every year from all over the world.