Kvelatsminda Gurjaani

Gurjaani Kvelatsminda (Region of Kakheti)

The only two-domed church in Georgia – Kvelatsminda of Gurjaani (All Saints) (Georg. გურჯაანის ყველაწმინდა) was built in the VIII-IX centuries. It is located in the forest area of the Kakhtubani gorge. Judging by the surviving fragments, a basilica of the 6th-7th centuries stood on this site before it, which was subsequently destroyed. Initially, a classic three-nave stone basilica was built, and only later, a couple of centuries later, two brick domes were added.

The church impresses with its ancient appearance, as it has perfectly preserved its original appearance. In front of the entrance to the church, on a large clearing, ancient tombstones are randomly scattered. Previously, the monastery had a high fence with a gate on the western side. The most revered shrine of the temple today is the myrrh-streaming icon of St. Michael. Residents from different regions of Georgia and from other Orthodox countries come to pray to her.


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