Jaki fortress

Jaki Fortress (Region of Potskhovi)

Jaki Fortress (Georg. ჯაყის ციხე Tour. Caki Kalesi) is located in the historical region of Georgia – Potskhovi (Georg. ფოცხოვი), within the boundaries of the village of Chambeli (Tur. Çambeli), the Posof district of modern Turkey. The medieval castle was the residence of large feudal lords – Jakeli (Georg.  ჯაყელი) and the administrative center of the region. The fortress was built on a high ridge of a river valley, on the left bank of the Jakistskali River (Georg. ჯაყისწყალი) and for several centuries, had an important military significance.

The castle is surrounded by a river on three sides and, due to natural conditions, is quite well protected. Right at the top of the ridge, two watchtowers have been preserved. The height of the walls of the protective fence of the castle in some places reaches 10 meters, on which traces of destruction and restoration are visible in different periods. Its early building layers used relatively well-worked, medium-sized stone. To strengthen the walls, rectangular buttresses were built in several places. The only entrance to the castle was located in the center of the southern wall.


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