Jakisubani - Jakismani monastery

Jakisubani (Jakismani) monastery (Region of Potskhovi)

The monastery complex of Jakisubani (Jakismani) (Georg. ჯაყისუბნის (ჯაყისმანის) მონასტერი, Tur. Jakismani manastiri) is located in the historical region of Georgia – Samskhe (Georg. ფოცხოვი), in modern Turkey. Not much is known about the history of this unique structure. There is no information about the exact dates of construction. In terms of building style, the monument is a model of Georgian architecture of the 10th-11th centuries. The conditional name Jaksisubani (Jakismani) most likely comes from the ancient Georgian toponym of this area, historically called Jaki (Georg. ჯაყი).

The monastery complex is located on the territory of an old Georgian village, on an artificially leveled site overlooking the valley of the Potskhovistskali River (Georg.  ფოცხოვისწყალი). The complex consists of the main temple of the hall type and two small chapels. The monastery complex Dzhakisubani (Dzhakismani) is one of the remarkable monuments of Georgian architecture. The high level of technology in the construction of the main temple, the proportional arrangement of the walls, skillfully crafted paving stones and graceful vaults deserve special attention. It can be said that the church, in terms of its artistic value, is one of the outstanding churches of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region (Georg. სამცხე-ჯავახეთი).


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