Jijori church

Jijori Church (Region of  Kola)

Jijori Church (Georg. ჯიჯორის ეკლესია, Tur. Cicori Kilisesi) – Georgian temple in the historical region of Georgia – Kola (Georg. კოლა), on the territory of modern Turkey. Located in the village of Budakli (Tur. Budaklı), formerly known as Jijori (Georg. ჯიჯორი). The church was built in the 10th century and is a hall structure. This is a single-nave building measuring approximately 11 x 4 m, built of roughly hewn small stones.

The surviving part of the walls is now presented in the form of ruins. A Georgian researcher who visited the village of Dzhidzhori at the beginning of the 20th century spoke about a completely intact church with Georgian inscriptions. The church was destroyed in 1907. The central parts on the southern and eastern walls were demolished, the arches and vaults were destroyed, and the lining was looted. On the north side, a two-story building was attached to the temple, which was largely destroyed.





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