Kalmakhi fortress

Forteress of Kalmakhi (Region of Tao)

Kalmakhi (Solomonisi) Fortress (Georg. კალმახის (სოლომონისის) ციხე, Tur. Kamhis Kalesi). The fortress is located in the historical region of Georgia – Tao (Georg. ტაო), south of the historical Georgian village of Solomonisi (Georg. სოლომონისი), now Evbakan(Tur. Evbakan), On the territory of modern Turkey.  The castle, which was the residence of Georgian kings and nobility, was built in the 8th century and has been the administrative center of the historic district for centuries. In addition to administrative and defensive functions, educational activities were carried out here, and the Gospel, which was copied in this castle in 1520, has survived to this day.

Kalmakhi Fortress is built on top of a mountain. On the northern side, a 30-meter part of the protective wall with two round towers in the middle has been preserved. The foundation of the third tower stands out in the northeast corner. The wall is built of rough stone. The interior of the castle consisted of two defensive zones. The south side was less well defended due to the collapsed rock. The gate was supposed to be between the two middle towers. The domed church in the fortress described in written sources was destroyed.


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